After spending close to 4 months working on Opening and Closing Ceremonies (aka OCC), I’ve started to grown attached to the Floating Platform, the Marina Bay skyline, the people I work with, the performers and the security uncle who always smile at me when I walk in.

This entry documents my last trip camwhoring around the OCC Stage.

I'll miss you both (Tong and Lyo) when YOG ends... Do you know Lyo has an official pass to the Float?

Eugene (one of the NS boys we work with), Tong and I under this roof decoration.

we thought of going swimming in the Reflecting Pool

tried to be Godzillas climbing the props

Got eaten and killed by the Dragon Head

guess what it is?

shaking hands and making friends with the Giant Monster

The coils of tubes are actually those washing machine tubes where the dirty water comes out from