Apart from seeing our logo, Lyo & Merly plastered everywhere (even my mum now has a YOG T-shirt!), we’ve now got a few more “mood videos” to get you in the mood for the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympics.

There’s one about a football fanatic who doesn’t quite make it to the big time…

Another about an ex-diving queen who wants to take her grandson to the Games…

One about an aspiring badminton player getting set to do battle at the YOG…

And my personal favourite, an ex-track star reminisces about his glory days. (watch out for a cameo by a true-blue Singapore Olympian)…

Which one do you like? 🙂

And if you can tell me what these people all have in common, I’ll send you a pin. (Only while stocks last. Stock = 1) 😉


In less than 12 hours, we’ll be looking at a new country to join the ranks of the great footballing nations who have won the World Cup.  Come to think of it, we’ll also join the ranks of nations who have hosted an Olympic event in less than 40 days!

But threatening to overshadow the showdown between The Netherlands and Spain, are two very different animals who have made their picks for the match.

Never have two non-speaking pundits been in the spotlight for so long, and it’s refreshing how they can not watch a single match and be more accurate than the ones who spend hours dissecting players (not literally of course), tactics, and conditions.

Paul the Octopus from Oberhausen has been getting it right match after match with his mussel picks. (See video for example of his latest prediction)

I hear the German football fans were furious after Paul’s predicted loss against the Spanish materialised and have suddenly developed an appetite for all things octopus.


Many ways to cook an octopus...

octopus balls


When there's not enough Paul to go around...

Octopus-shaped sausages may hopefully help Paul survive?

The Spanish Prime Minister has offered him protection from octo-hungry Germans, but maybe Paul should just get some protection from big brother, Davy Jones.


I wouldn't mess with Davy Jones... would you?

Mani (he has his own wikipedia entry!) on the other hand, lives in Singapore (yey!) and thanks to his new-found fame, has started to get 10 customers an hour, compared to 10 a day.

News report:

The draw (complete with sound FX):

I’m throwing in my hat with the parakeet on the (irrational) basis that it’s cuter and lives in Singapore, so GO HOLLAND! 🙂

What do YOU think? (Assuming you’re not a clairvoyant animal of any sort…)

P.S. Apologies for going AWOL, and thanks Hamsterboy and Steph for checking in regularly during my absence. The number of entries I now owe is starting to look ominous, and perhaps I need to go back to basics – I did only promise at least 100 words + 1 picture, but looks like I got a little overambitious. :p Time to re-examine my strategy!

For those of you who’ve been living under a rock with industrial-strength earplugs on, no, there is nothing rude about my headline at all.

This is a Vuvuzela.


Very loud, very irritating

Yes, this thing has caused much discomfort for folks at the World Cup: Players (Patrice Evra, Lionel Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo are not fans of this thing), commentators (it’s been likened to “a giant hive full of very angry bees”), and people watching at home (i can’t repeat what they’ve said about this thing without blushing) alike.

You wouldn’t think that something whose name sounds like the reproductive organ of a female zebra would be as loud as this thing is, but it clocks in at 127 decibels – that’s just a vuvu-whisker shy of a jackhammer (130 decibels).

I’ve checked the spectators’ guide for the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games, and no, you will not be able to bring along your Vuvuzelas. (But I’ve also found a free application that gives out a little whimper of what the vuvuzela sounds like on the iPhone. It’s still muchos irritating though! 😉 ) Just thought I’d let you know before anyone gets any ideas …!

And in other news, I’m blogging from Kuala Lumpur this evening and not sure if I’ll be able to sign in tomorrow (cousin’s wedding to attend) but normal service will resume on Sunday. Don’t miss me too much! 😉

The man that feeds most of SYOGOC (or at least he dishes out the food) now dishes out football predictions too.

go mexico!

I think our French translators decided not to eat after they saw this

Who needs John Dykes, Shebby Singh or Steve McMahon, when we now have our own resident pundit? We’ve got our very own Malay Uncle selling Nasi Padang (hereafter known as MUSNP until I get his name) doling out his own free tips. No subscription required.

Doesn't he look like an older Michael Ballack?

Go Germany!

Forget the over-analysis, bad jokes and endless advertisements. Just good ol’, home-cooked food for the hungry with a free scoreline prediction.

germany for the cup

No guesses for who he's backing to win the cup

Maybe if Germany wins, we’ll start eating bratwurst and sauerkraut, but more about the food from MUSNP in another entry. 🙂

I guess I’m not much of a World Cup buff.

I fell asleep just after S. African midfielder Siphiwe Tshabalala volleyed home the first goal of South Africa 2010 against Mexico. Then, the sandman scored.

Apart from collecting stickers featuring long-haired greats like Roberto Baggio, Juergen Klinsmann, Claudio Caniggia, and Ruud Gullit, I’ve never really been able to follow football for the full 90 minutes. Especially if those 90 minutes are slotted right smack between my z-land hours. Given that most times (apart from Korea-Japan 2002) matches are shown at ungodly hours (GMT+8 is a nasty place for world cup viewing), most parents are going to object if their kids stay up till 4am when they’ve got school the next day.

hair, there, everywhere

My hairy heroes from 1990, clockwise from top left: Roberto Baggio, Juergen Klinsmann, Claudio Caniggia, Ruud Gullit

Moreover, it can cost a pretty penny too, if you’re hoping to catch World Cup matches in the comfort of your home. Otherwise you could do it with your buds in a downtown nightspot, but you’ll still have to buy a drink. And then some chicken wings. And then another drink. Then take a taxi home. Ok, it’s even more expensive.

Fortunately for those who are interested in watching the events of the Youth Olympic Games unfold from wherever you are in the world, all you’ll need is a PC, a web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, …) and a broadband connection. The rest is free for everyone, everywhere! Just check in to our official website for the details in August.

Oh, just checked. Mexico 1 – 1 S. Africa No goals between France & Uruguay.

“I wonder how the world cup organisers are feeling now”, said someone on Facebook.

“The same way you’ll feel just before the start of the YOG”, replied someone else.


We tune in this evening (Singapore is GMT+8) as the curtain rises on the biggest football extravaganza in the world,  and while we hope our own favourite teams are going to win, let’s also support the organisers who will need all their wits about them over the next month to make sure that things run as smoothly as they can.

Zakumi (World Cup mascot) and Lyo (Youth Olympic Games mascot)

I think Zakumi and Lyo might go to the same manestylist

Little fact you may not know: All but one of our celebration cities for the Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame will have their national teams playing in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa – Greece, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand & Korea!

Only Senegal (Dakar’s our celebration city) won’t be there, but they’ve produced some pretty good footballers too. Think El Hadji Diouf, Papa Boupa Diop (love the name!) and Patrick Vieira (though he’s now a French citizen).

Go Germany!

No prizes for guessing who this little man supports

So, now the question is, who’s going to win this thing?? 🙂

Thought I’d (finally) do an introduction to the folks I work with. (Specially for you Steph! ;))

This is Victor a.k.a. Vic. He’s our social media dude, tech guru and resident karaoke champion. He’s the one who comes up with most of the stuff that you see posted on Facebook and Twitter, including the crazy contests. Sometimes we don’t see him, and that’s when he’s disappeared in to the Singapore 2010 Odyssey (That’s where he becomes “Virtual Vic“).


Victor can work Facebook with his eyes closed

Random polls indicate that about half of Singapore knows Victor. I’ve known him for about 10 years now and he’s the nicest guy ever, and he just happens to be single(!) at the moment. (Ladies pls send in your applications and remember to affix a recent photo)

Handsome fella

Victor on the phone with one of his many admirers

This is Nazif a.k.a. the Naz. He works on the (many) videos we produce and makes sure all our shoots go as planned. For some reason he’s been mistaken as a national footballer several times. In my opinion he looks more like the goal post with his super-skinny frame. :p (ok, I’m jealous) His computer has the distinct honour of being the slowest to load any website.


The Bermuda Triangle

Nazif also a father of one cute little girl who he’s trying to influence to support this long-suffering-underperforming-English-football-club-that-wears-red. She loves Lyo & Merly (having convinced him to buy both! aha!) so I think she’s pretty cool.

Nazif, the smiling tiger

No, that's not his daughter.

More on the other loonies colleagues next week.


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