Sports Presenters

Yey… I got my adapter back. (Thanks Shufen!) So that lets me tell you more about what we’ve been up to over the weekend at the East Coast.

Day 2 (Saturday) of our adventure at the National Sailing Centre had sports presenter Matthew, working with with 2 sailors (didn’t get their names!) who were tweeting on water. For the sports presenters at the Sailing venue, it’s tough getting the crowd excited if they can’t see what’s happening, so the tweeters are important as a source of real-time information on the proceedings at sea. As the Internet and Digital Media team, Vic and I are involved so that we can help find the best set-up for this rather unique exercise.

Between me and Victor, one of us had to go out on the water to make sure the technical bit (API settings, signal strength, etc) was ok. We settled it the most scientific way possible of course – Scissors, Paper, Stone. (or “Rock, Paper, Scissors” in other parts of the world).


Me scissors, Vic paper. hehe...

Saturday’s exercise went pretty well, but I think the ladies  on the water today (Sunday) – Siobhan, Manyi, Dawn, and Shu Fen – did even better. I was monitoring the tweetcast of today’s races, just like how anyone who wouldn’t be able to be at the Sailing Centre could/would do, and providing real-time feedback to them as well. I personally thought it was cool. Which other sport lets you talk to the commentator directly? Check out @s2010byteboy and @s2010bytegirl to see what I mean.

beach launch

And off they go...!

It’s great when different parts of a symphony – in this case: geeks, sports presenters, sailors – come together and make music. I think we’re about done with the tuning up, and we should be rocking in about 69 days. 🙂


Argh! Less than 70 days to go...

Thanks for the reminder guys…


It’s another sweltering Sunday in Singapore, and I’ve just received the link to pictures that have gone up on Flickr for the “99 days to go” event. Thought I’d feature 9 pictures to tell a short story about a very big party.

Dr Francis Chong covers up to prevent any spreading of germs

Our Deputy CEO Dr Francis Chong models the fashionable N95 mask

Some of you might not know this, but many of us were still involved with many coordination meetings with our friends from the International Olympic Committee. Believe me when I say it’s not easy trying to plan a huge party in the middle of Orchard Road while planning for the first ever Youth Olympic Games. Naturally, all this takes its toll and we need to be responsible when the body’s immune system goes down – and wear a mask.

Boxing demonstration

This time it isn't for real, but give us another 3 months. 😉

Make no mistake, the Youth Olympic Games is a serious sporting event. The competitors may be 14 – 18 years of age, but they’ll be hungry to start their Olympic careers in gleaming gold. Plus this is when gymnasts and divers really start coming in to their element, which is probably also why the tickets for those events are going, going … (gone?).

The crowd goes wild

Everyone and their mum has a cameraphone...

Without our supporters, sports fanatics, sponsors, students, performers, partners, staff, friends, family… yes all 2,000+ of you, the evening would not have been a success. Please make sure you buy tickets and come again in August k?

Free runner does a backflip

Flipping good!

Special thanks to the daredevils who jumped, somersaulted, tumbled, and flew to give us a great show for the evening, alongside our Singapore Idols Taufik and Hady, dancers, drummers, and Electrico who ended the evening.

Prime Minister Lee enjoying the performances

You watch it live, they watch it on a screen

VIPs don’t always get the best views. Prime Minister Lee and the rest of the VIPs had to be content with catching most of the performances on the screen in the holding area while everyone was partying outside. But I’m sure they were quite happy with the air-conditioning though. 🙂

Crocodile sponsors all uniforms for the Singapore 2010 workforce

Pretty nice uniform, no?

Staff and volunteers became models for the evening as they showed off the Crocodile-sponsored apparel that would be the uniforms for the workforce during the Youth Olympic Games. I sure hope they keep us cool in the humidity of August!

Merly and Grace

Merly and her long lost cousin, Grace

All of us staff and volunteers placed hand over heart as we recited the workforce pledge that detailed our commitment to the Games. Now you know we’ll be there, rain or shine, come hell or high water. Promise!

!Fireworks above *scape

The sky lights up above the hottest (figuratively and literally) youth centre in Orchard Road

And like any big party worth its salt, there needs to be pyrotechnics. Boom boom pow!

The CEP team reminds us it's... 99 days to go!

Yes, yes... we know how many days left there are.

And the last picture I shot that evening was this special request from the folks at the Culture and Education Programme who happily remind us how little time we have left. Thanks guys. :p

For more pictures (300+ actually!), check out the Flickr set.

That brings us to the end of the Validation Exercises for January.

It’s been a crazy month filled with Judo, Wrestling, Taekwondo, Boxing, Handball and Fencing Tournaments that brought together the best of the nation and even foreign nations too!

The international tournaments saw countries like South Africa, Canada, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong and India flying in to compete!

We had great moments, crazy moments, “freakoutbecauseofamistakewemade” moments, shouting moments, moments where we wanted to cheer for Singapore but couldn’t because we’re supposed to be unbiased and general moments where we had pumped in so much energy and effort that all we wanted to do was fall asleep in a heap under the table.


Hi guys!

This is Isaac Neo, the team leader from Judo, posting about our experiences during the 13th Commonwealth Judo Championships from 10-12 January 2010.

This reflection written by Melissa Teo sums up our experience quite well.

Being at the Commonwealth Judo Championships doing sports presentation was a delightful experience. I enjoyed myself thoroughly, and I am looking forward to the Youth Olympic Games in August!

At the cold hall in Suntec Convention Centre, watching the athletes’ dedication to their sport was very heart-warming. As part of my duty as a sports presenter, I was required to watch each match very closely so that I would be able to announce the winner. With each move, I could sense their determination to win, or simply just to put up a good fight against their opponent. Even for the athletes who were clearly the weaker of the two, they never let that get in their way. Such fighting spirit is very inspiring!


120 Fresh Young Faces!

We're raring to go!

We're raring to go!

No it wasn’t any magazine/newspaper search for the next hot thing.

Instead, the Youth Sports Presenters for the inaugural Youth Olympic Games (YOG) were introduced to the world on 23 October at Cathay Orchard Cineleisure.

They were not selected for their pretty faces. Instead, they were handpicked based on their presentation skills, vocal quality and personality.

Aged 13-29, these presenters will bring their own personality and spice to YOG sports events in August 2010. They will be seen and heard at competition venues as announcers, commentators, hosts and mascot talent.

The selection process was not easy as Mark Richmond and team from the Sports Presentation Division had to sieve out these young talents from an initial group of 500 hopefuls. Through a series of 10 training camps held between Dec 08 and Mar 09, the final 120 was shortlisted.

If you find them familiar, some of them had already made their debut at the Junior Hockey World Cup in June and the Asian Youth Games in July.

With less than a year to the Games, the presenters have a lot of hard work ahead of them. They will be practicing and honing their sports presentation skills at various sporting events and exercises. You might even spot them at the next football match you go to.

Hear what some of them have to say as they begin their journey to the Games:

Cleo Chew, “What really got me is that this is the first YOG, it is quite cool to be part of history. This is a first for me, to be able to interact with international youth athletes and huge crowds. I’ve learnt how to handle spontaneous situations and pressure during competitions.”

Adam Osman, “I’m a big sports fan, I play sports, but I don’t think I will be able to become a professional athlete. It is an amazing experience to become a sports presenter, it is the next best thing for me.”

List of sports presenters (Sports, Name, Age)

ATHLETICS Alexis Fan 25
Kimberly Wang 18
Matthew Goh 18
Matthew Liu 20
Michelle Sng (Team Leader)
Stephanie Leong 15
BADMINTON Aishwarya Chand 14
Gabriel Lue 20
Ilene Fong 13
Nikhil Anggapan (Team Leader) 13
Nur Sheereen Bte Amran 14
BASKETBALL Darshen Kunasheran 16
Julius Tan 18
Ysabel Yaneza 15
Sri Rathi Mei Ling 26
Stephanie Siow (Team Leader) 16
Vincent Lim 24
BOXING Amira Tamiri 19
Andrea Flavia William 17
Goh Jun Yi 21
Kristopher Fu (Team Leader) 18
Nuraishah Binte Ibrahim 21
Yuvan Mohan 21
CYCLING Amirah Harith 18
Danial Yeap Bin Jamal 19
Faroz Marzoki (Team Leader) 21
Nadia Ahmad Samdin 19
Vanessa Ho 18
DIVING Emiline Elangovan 14
Gloria Ang 16
Jody Hong (Team Leader) 15
Yuen De Wei 19
EQUESTRIAN Chew Yi Jun (Team Leader) 18
Kathleen Tan 18
Yang Hui Chun 18
Yang Hui Yu 18
FENCING Benjamin Leow 17
Evia Natra Bte Anuwar 17
Felicia Low (Team Leader) 19
Rahayu Amirah 13
Yustynn Panicker 16
FOOTBALL Adam Osman (Team Leader) 23
Alexandra Hemmer 15
Mansoor Amir 20
Najid Sultan 20
Muhd Nurafiq Bin Samsudin 24
Sri Ranjini Mei Hua 25
GYMNASTICS Akif Halqi 13
Cleo Chew 16
Gloria Ang 16
Nawal Alhaddad 20
Nazyra Binte Suhairi 17
Yap Cheng Boon (Team Leader) 27
HANDBALL Fitri Anugerah 18
Kelly Latimer 22
Marlene Tan 19
Melvin Chong (Team Leader) 20
Najid Sultan 20
Yap Zhi Wen 15
HOCKEY Barbara Latimer (Team Leader) 18
Caleb Lim 17
Emelyn Ang 19
Lisa Loh 19
Muhd Syihabuddin BA (Bob) 18
Nur Hadziqah 14
JUDO Isaac Neo (Team Leader) 16
Ariel Tee 16
Rachel Ang 15
Zachary Ng 17
Melissa Teo 20
MODERN PENATHLON Adam Osman (Team Leader) 23
Deborah Choo (Team Leader) 20
Victoria Chen 16
Sanjeev Menon 15
Abigail Chng 16
Felicia Ng 17
Keley Tan (Team Leader) 20
Oswald Yeo 17
Sathyavani Krishnan 15
Siti Mariam 22
SAILING Matthew Liu 20
Sri Rathi Mei Ling 26
Heidi Chan 16
Griselda Khng (Team Leader) 19
Sri Ranjini Mei Hua 25
SHOOTING Marcus Yew 22
Yuvan S/O Mohan (Team Leader) 21
Sherilyn Liew 15
Zhang Shi Jia 16
SWIMMING Irfaizah Tukiman 22
Kelly Latimer 22
Marcus Yew 22
Adam Osman (Team Leader) 23
Aldea Zhang 16
TABLE TENNIS Sherah Tan 16
Fatin Halina 16
Ainiah Raquib 17
Sim Xiangli 20
Fung Fun Man (Team Leader) 24
Nicholas Lui 16
TAEKWONDO Gaurav Jaiswal 16
Nicole Lim (Team Leader) 20
Tang Rei-En 16
Woo Su Xian 14
Vincent Lim 24
TENNIS Jeannette Ke (Team Leader) 20
Ajay Singh Panoo 14
Linette Lin 21
Mansoor Amir 20
Chelsea Chia 16
TRIATHLON Michelle Verma (Team Leader) 23
Joash Chong 18
Veronica Tang 20
Kelly Low 29
Firdaus Firlany 15
Kenneth Foo (Team Leader) 19
Syuhaidah Bacon 16
Syahidah Johari 19
Sonjia Yam 16
WEIGHTLIFTING Siti Nur Atiqah 15
Cheryl Lew 16
Deepa DO Chandra Pillai 19
Yuen De Wei 19
Adam Esoof Piperdy (Team Leader) 19
WRESTLING Jinnie Chew (Team Leader) 18
Fiona Loh 15
Isaac Neo 15
Rubini Nathan 17
Warrick Wee 20

coming soon