Day #1 of the Torch Relay is drawing to a close at Nanyang Polytechnic, where I hear that the celebrations are in full swing. Although I didn’t get the chance to leave my very cold meatlocker office, I’ve seen some tweets, pics, twitpics and videos that are  just goosebump-inducing.

@jk_lsy tweeted, “The MOMENT of holding the YOG torch might be just a moment, but the MEMORY will last a lifetime. Thank you @Singapore2010!

@jasatan tweeted, “Just accomplished e most glorious moment in my life..bearing the torch of the Youth Olympic Games”

Without sounding cheesy and melodramatic, I can see what Jeremy meant when he said that Vancouver only woke up with the flame at their doorstep.

Outside SPH

You really can't ignore the YOG "buzz" when it's buzzing right at your doorstep

It’s as if Singaporeans have suddenly woken up to YOG-mania. Even with the pouring rain.


How often do parents let their kids out in the rain? Like... never??

And this was my favourite pic of the day:

rain, rain go away

Rain or shine, there won't be another time

If you’re flame-mad now (like the rest of Singapore), you can track the flame through the 6-day torch relay with this handy page. Our videos on the torch relay are also coming up shortly. I think you’ll like them. 🙂

For those of you who were in Singapore yesterday, you are probably aware of how the skies suddenly opened up and decided to hit us with the biggest rain storm in a long while.

Water, water everywhere

I think it's safe to say our clock is waterproof?

Most of us in Kay Siang (not too far away from waterworld Orchard Road) escaped somewhat unscathed, but for those who were working or shopping in the Orchard Road area (otherwise known as Singapore’s shopping belt), things might have gotten a little soggy (that’s putting it mildly) from the onslaught of what appeared to be “tea with milk”.

The Olympic Superstore

I don't think there were many people at our Olympic Superstore ...

But good to know that despite the superstorm, our Olympic Superstore is still open for business! Yes… even in the face of all the tea in the world! While many who were affected might be rather cross about Orchard Road becoming an overpriced storm drain, I’m sure there might be other people out there who have been keen on having the floodwaters stay a little longer.

does Lyo swim?

"Row, row, row your boat... right down Orchard Road!"

Last photo (and other smarty pants remarks) courtesy of  my colleagues Chew Jin Jia and Kartik Agrawal. 😉

‘Tis not a good day.

I’m 1 x post behind schedule (post #42 is fermenting in my head), got soaked by cars whizzing by who splashed me with water from the giant puddles that had accumulated along Tanglin Road, and now my nose is running (more like sprinting actually). And related to the downpour this morning, I’ve also just heard that Merly might be swimming around our flagship store at Orchard Road, but more on that later.

So, this is what happened yesterday: More training!


"... and you press this to format your computer."

This time, it’s Kok Siong, webmaster for the Singapore 2010 official website training his small army of webmaster assistants.

mr leong

Mr Webmaster man

It was a pretty good deal for the attendees too, as Victor also joined in with his 2-hour session on social media.

computer no enough

One man, four computers

Ok, this is a really short entry. :p #41 coming up shortly…