Deeper down the rabbithole of backdated blog entries I go…! I am now 4 entries behind. *gulp* I’m going to attempt 2 today, so one more is probably popping up later tonight.

Anyhoo, yesterday was a blur of activity for the team at Ngee Ann Polytechnic‘s Singapore Youth & Media Conference, where Mr Teo Ser Luck officially launched our WhyOhGee Community. (See the media release)

Victor, Vicson (no relation to Victor), Deanna (who reappeared after disappearing to Cambodia), Wangwang, Kok Siong, and eventually Amanda were mobilised to help out at the event, manning 3 hi-tech (read: touchscreen) sign-up booths. Sorry for the poor picture quality, was shooting from my mobile phone camera!

giant ipad, anyone?

Almost like Minority Report (minus Tom Cruise)

Most of the folks were quite impressed by the touch-screen games, and we found ourselves in danger of becoming part-time Acer salespeople at some point. (hmm… wonder if Acer salespeople get paid well.)


Ack! Where did all these people come from?!

We were kinda overwhelmed by the numbers of people who were queueing to sign-up. Some of the crowd managed to sign up on their mobile phones (yes, it’s that easy! just go to but most of them were waiting patiently for one of three terminals, and in total, we scored about 100 signups in just over an hour! I guess having the chance to win a Lyo or Merly plush does make things more exciting for everyone. 🙂

hunting in packs

I've also learnt that girls in pinafores travel in packs

In fact, our mascots were so popular that they were “kidnapped” by super-enthusiastic fans several times in the course of the morning. We almost had to pry them free from their kidnappers.

mugshot #1

Merlynapper caught in the act!!

But maybe it was the waves of youthfulness that me and Victor were not so used to. Within 3 hours of packing up, the both of us  were down for the count. Actually we’re both on medical leave, but still at work anyway. (Shhh!)

So, take pity on the both of us sickly old men and join us on the WhyOhGee Community! It’s no community without “U-N-I” (“you and i” geddit??) Hurry up and add us as friends too (we’re feeling lonely and unloved)

FYI, for those of you cool people we photographed at the event, you stand to win prizes if you go in and TAG yourself in the pictures! If you don’t remember whether you were photographed, maybe these will refresh your memory:


someone likes justin bieber. teehee!


we like your honesty