‘Tis not a good day.

I’m 1 x post behind schedule (post #42 is fermenting in my head), got soaked by cars whizzing by who splashed me with water from the giant puddles that had accumulated along Tanglin Road, and now my nose is running (more like sprinting actually). And related to the downpour this morning, I’ve also just heard that Merly might be swimming around our flagship store at Orchard Road, but more on that later.

So, this is what happened yesterday: More training!


"... and you press this to format your computer."

This time, it’s Kok Siong, webmaster for the Singapore 2010 official website training his small army of webmaster assistants.

mr leong

Mr Webmaster man

It was a pretty good deal for the attendees too, as Victor also joined in with his 2-hour session on social media.

computer no enough

One man, four computers

Ok, this is a really short entry. :p #41 coming up shortly…