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WhyOhGee… sounds familiar, doesn’t it? 🙂

History lesson of the day: This blog is actually the predecessor (since way back in July 2008) to the WhyOhGee microsite and served as our little training ground and temporary repository of content.

Thus logically, what you see on this blog isn’t supposed to duplicate the wonderful content that’s already been published on WhyOhGee, but to highlight some of the other stuff that may not have been covered. Or if I do happen to make reference to stuff that’s already on WhyOhGee, it’s to draw your attention to great stories/pictures/videos that deserves to be read/seen/watched by even more people.

And for those of you who may be mildly curious about the name, here’s the back story:

The name was the result of a massive brainstorming session at the headquarters of the Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee in November 2008.

60 young sardines people packed themselves into a meeting room and they came up with a list of thoughtful, funny, intriguing and scary names for us, like ‘Yogogo (shake it baby!), ‘Youthanasia(Gulp!), ‘Yogee(… bear?)


Our brainstorm troopers

We couldn’t really decide after that, so we rounded up another 20 volunteers for a second round of brainstorming and WhyOhGee was born! (In case you missed the pun, it sounds like Y…O…G… ! Get it? Get it??) And we love it because we can now say “Y.O.G.” with so much more emotion. (More)

Plus it isn’t just phonetically similar to Y.O.G., there’s also some deep, intellectual meaning to it:

Why? Don’t be shy. Always be curious about everything around you. Ask! Why did the chicken cross the road? Why didn’t the road cross the chicken?

Oh! An exclamation of surprise and discovery. WhyOhGee is all about learning new things and discovering the hidden surprises tucked away in the nooks and crannies of the (online and offline) universe.

Gee. An expression of wonder. “Gee, I didn’t know that.” Or “Gee, I wanna be a sportsman too.” It also happens to rhyme with See, Bee, Tree and Me.

So rather than call it something that would make you tremble with excitement like, say… “The Youth Olympic Learning Portal”, WhyOhGee pretty much does the job too in a more subtle (and fun) way. Or at least we think so.

Ok, make way for Monday…! *groan*


By Eliane Luthi Poirier, NOC Relations Coordinator, Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee

Hi Everyone!

On Friday, 7 May 2010, Singapore will be celebrating the 99-day countdown to the first-ever Youth Olympic Games.

It’s a huge milestone for us! We’ve come such a long way since Singapore was voted the host city of these Games in February 2008. With just two and half years to prepare the inaugural edition, we’ve been racing to live up to this monumental challenge.

As a coordinator for NOC Relations, my duty within the Organising Committee is to provide National Olympic Committees (NOCs) with all the information they need to prepare their delegations for Singapore 2010. I’m the first point of contact for a group of fourteen European NOCs – one of which is the NOC of Switzerland, my home country.

Though each NOC has different concerns, our entire NOC Relations team receives queries from the NOCs on a daily basis. To me, that’s a clear sign of interest in and support for the first Youth Olympic Games.

The support from the NOCs was also evident when we received the participation from 198 of them (out of 205) during the Chef de Mission Seminar held here in Singapore earlier this year in March. The Chef de Mission heads the delegation coming from each NOC. In the comprehensive programme we had for them, it included a tour of Singapore 2010 venues and a series of plenary sessions; not forgetting the wonderful opening dinner that was graced by the IOC President, Dr Jacques Rogge.

At the event on Friday, we will be welcoming on board the thousands of volunteers – an important part of the backbone of Singapore 2010.

Some will be working alongside my team as NOC Assistants. They’ll help the Chefs de Mission in their daily activities from 14 – 26 August. Think we’re lucky to be working with such dedicated and enthusiastic youth on this project.

This Friday’s event will be held at *SCAPE, also the venue for 3-on-3 basketball. It’s a chance for us to celebrate with these volunteers, and an excellent opportunity for us to take a break and have some fun together. If you’re there, look out for the fashion show where volunteers will be “modeling” their Games-time uniforms. If you can’t join us, do remember to check out the shots and videos that we will be uploading on our Games website – after the event.

With only 99 days, these Games are almost at our doorstep. We’re truly excited to welcome the world once again to Singapore to experience one of the greatest sporting events in history!

Whenever you buy a new coffee machine or join a competition, it’s always best to read the instructions.

In the ongoing “My Avatar Contest“, we are grateful for the many who submitted a photograph of their virtual self in the Singapore 2010 Odyssey.

However, there have been quite a few entries which did not comply with our competition requirements.

The main instruction is straightforward, “Please note that the requirement for this contest is to post a photo of your Avatar from the virtual world so submit the right entry now and stand to win up to US$2,000 Amazon vouchers!”

Here’s a gentle reminder:  you are NOT the Avatar!

Let’s take a look at some entries which left us scratching our heads:

While it’s cool to post your own photograph, your entry is not eligible for the competition.

Here’s how to do it right:

  1. Go on to Facebook and click “Like” to become a fan of the Singapore 2010 Odyssey page to qualify for the contest.
  2. Register via “My Avatar” tab and submit photo in order to qualify.
  3. Log into Singapore 2010 Odyssey and take some nice pictures!
  4. Submit pictures of your avatar every week during the contest period (22 April – 19 May 2010) for the Weekly Photo Contest. Last submissions should be in by Wednesday at 23.59pm (Singapore time, GMT+8) every week.
  5. The photo with the highest votes win. So get your friends to vote now!

Voila! You now stand a chance of winning our attractive prizes.

Remember…read your instructions BEFORE you post another photograph of yourself, your sister or your dog. Cheers!

Meet Myra Lee, Timothy Lee and Chloe Chan. These young fresh faces can be spotted at the upcoming Youth Olympic Games at the Toa Payoh Swimming Complex.

They will be representing Singapore in one of the hottest YOG sports competition – Diving.

According to their coach, the 3 divers have a “secret weapon”. Read the full story at

The Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee has developed a  ‘personalised’ Singapore 2010 banner template to help schools announce their association with the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games.  This banner template is ‘personal’ because it has a reserved space for schools to insert their school logos.  It is intended to provide a basic, personalised design for each school, but that doesn’t stop you from from designing your own novel banners.  Schools may produce as many of the Singapore 2010 banners as they wish. Click HERE to download the Singapore 2010 banner template.

Sign up at now!

Youth Guru tells you why the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Modern Pentathlon competition is featuring 4 sports instead of 5.

Note: The Modern Pentathlon for the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games (Singapore 2010) consists of four of the five Modern Pentathlon disciplines: fencing, swimming, running and shooting. Check for more details.

Ever wanted to catch a show and missed it because tickets were sold out? You only have yourself to blame because you did not buy them early.

Avoid disappointment by getting your hands on the tickets for the first Youth Olympic Games held right here in Singapore! The Games commences on 14 August and runs for 12 days.

With 26 Olympic  sports and 201 events, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Don’t miss this chance to experience the Games and catch great sporting moments live!

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