Just like Tom Cruise, I was sent to do a MI yesterday morning. Unlike our Hollywood superstar though, my MI stands for Millenia Institute and not Mission Impossible.

But having pull myself out of bed (having slept past 3am) and be in Bukit Batok for a 8.30am talk show seemed just as challenging.

Millenia Institute

That's Millenia, tucked away in Bukit Batok (photo by Gaurav @ Flickr)

I eventually got there, but was about 15 minutes late. (Didn’t have my bus with the Olympic rings and flashing lights unfortunately. :p)

They told me that there’d be about 60 students, but I think it was a fair bit more than that. Probably double that number!

Daniel Martin @ MI

Host Daniel Martin warms up the crowd. Tough when it's before 9.00am!

It was a cool (but perhaps a little short) discussion that talked about the expectations of young Singaporeans and the Youth Olympic Games, and why they were excited/not excited.

the audience

Think they were kinda surprised when I pulled out a camera. Hee.

The focus on studies and expectations of parents came up, which was important. But Daniel also pointed out we tend to blame our parents for everything. True? 🙂

Blame the parents!

Jed (I think) says he'd like to go back to Basketball, but his folks disapprove

Anyway, I’m glad I made it in the end, and thanks to my co-panelists for the morning – James (from Coca-Cola), Philip (from Sports Zone), Richard & Amir (from Millenia Institute), and Daniel Martin from 938LIVE for having me on the show.

Hope to see you at the Games!

P.S. Hope you guys didn’t think I was rude when I was on my phone tweeting. And sorry for the early morning draaawwl. :p