In less than 3 hours, we’re going to kick off the Opening Ceremony for the first ever Youth Olympics.

videographer + float

Videographer shoots the skyline around the Float @ Marina Bay

Give me goosebumps just writing it.

all set to go

Shot at 4.45pm. This will be the best place to be on earth in just a few hours.

But even if you don’t have tickets, you’ll get a feel of the whole party atmosphere just being in the vicinity of the city. You can go for the FREE performances at the Promotionary Promodory Promodormitory Promontory, which is the piece of land between the Marina Bay Sands and One Marina Boulevard.

And when all else fails, just look to the sky.

lights in the sky

Watch the top of buildings around Marina Bay as they join in the celebrations

High beams

Now these are what I call "high beams"!

For those of you too lazy to get out of the house, or are in another country, you can watch the webcast HERE.