I told you that the media centre is getting more and more crowded? I really wasn’t kidding.

media workroom

Everyone rushing to file stories a few hours ago

With this many people around, you’re bound to bump into people you know. And I did! And into people I’ve never met before, but have become friends with on Facebook.

Setsuko & Serge

Meet Setsuko and Serge. Setsuko designed the one of the faces of the YOG medal

Setsuko is a talented designer based in Canada, and one of her designs is going to be on the face of every gold, silver and bronze medal that goes home with the athletes. Serge works with her and it was through him that I got introduced to Setsuko and her team via Facebook (where else?). Hope to catch up with them soon.

Immediately after, I met my friends Nicolas and Patrick from the International Olympic Committee, who I’ve been working with for more than two years now (can’t believe it’s been that long!)

Then after, an acquaintance from my days in the media came by. Mr Ace Kindred Chan, photographer and regular Forum contributor. He’s really candid and has no airs about him, and is great with the people he photographs. Way back when I was just starting out in photography, I learnt a lot from how he interacted with his subjects to get the shots he wants.

And all this in under 2 minutes, standing in the middle of the Main Meeting Media Centre. 🙂