I hope you caught the Opening Ceremony last night. It really, really was quite good. (See the pics in our Flickr album)


Watching the screens in the Main Media Centre... before dashing out for the fireworks!

And from our unique vantage point, we had the benefit of being able to watch the ceremony on the telly, as well as see the pyrotechnics explode above us. Magical.

Olympic rings

Lot of the rings

boom boom pow

Fireworks... always works.

Then, it struck me that we were now officially in “Games time”, something we’ve spoken of (too) many times, but I think it didn’t quite sink in till Vicson started vandalising the sign on the door.

Vandal at work

We're ALMOST there?


Here we go...

But despite my flurry of blogposts yesterday, it was still not enough to hit my target of #100. 😦

So I am thankful that most of you are merciful and have allowed me to reach my target some time before the end of the Games. Hee.