As we celebrate sports, youth, and the Olympic values, I’d like to also remind athletes (and anyone who reads this blog) not to forget the people who got us here.

Sponsors, coaches, teachers and most of all, our parents.

Just a couple of nights back, we were watching a young shuttler named Huang Chao play his heart out for good reason.

Huang Chao

Smash from Huang Chao

Huang moved from China to Singapore in search of better opportunities. That night, he was playing in front of his dad, who he had not seen for the past six years. Can’t imagine what might have been going through his mind then. (Read more about Huang Chao)

A couple of days ago, one of the bosses lost his dad, and another colleague lost her grandmother. As we rush through every day during these Games, let’s also be thankful of all these people who got us here. 🙂