It’s heartwarming to see how even a severely swollen ankle won’t stop some people from coming to work.

big bad foot

Hai Yah!!

Meet Captain Crutch, a.k.a. Jialin, who busted her ankle playing frisbee. Yes, that seemingly innocuous plastic disc that sails quietly through the air. More accurately, it wasn’t the frisbee that hurt her, but rather the 200-lb behemoths (or maybe they were skinny maidens, I’m not sure) that she was playing with, the slick, rain-lubricated playing field, and an ambitious leap through the air that resulted in a very painful landing.

spot the difference

It's waaaay smaller now than it used to be

Jialin’s since suffered 2+ weeks of BTF (big throbbing foot). FYI, Jialin has pictures of her mutant foot that I can’t put up for risk of making you lose your dinner. :p

And just when we were wondering if we should start selling off her stuff on eBay, she came back.

captain crutch

Captain Crutch, we salute you!

But before you could even say “auction”, she hobbled back into the office and sat at her desk, threatening to beat us up with her new weapons (a.k.a. crutches)

don't make me beat you up with my crutch

Don't mess with the one-legged madam

Everyone was pretty amazed to see Jialin back, and many stopped to say “hello”. Some of her visitors weren’t very happy with me putting up pictures of them in previous posts though, so I’ll try to protect their identities from now on.

scowl scowl scowl

Visiting hours are from 12pm - 5pm

Other colleagues have started getting ideas about getting a couple of days off from work too. Not terribly convincing though.


No, you're not getting any sick leave.

Anyhoo, I salute our courageous and conscientious colleague for making it back to the office today despite her big bad foot.

Get well soon!