October 2008

Both are international sports events you can’t miss.

The showdown has already begun.

Wait…Showdown? Nah.

The Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee (SYOGOC) and the Asian Youth Games Organising Committee (AYGOC) met last Friday, 24th Oct to play a friendly game of soccer.

The match of the century

The match of the century

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They played at the National Stadium and it was an honour for most, to play in the grand old dame one last time.

Before the game began, SYOGOC only had one word in mind “Trashing”.

They were thinking, “Oh man. We practiced three times on a half court. We barely ran. We are gonna lose”.

Well, looks like team work and humility did its wonders. We actually managed to lead in the first half, scoring two goals. Our goalkeeper, Joe, was also another surprise. He saved goal after goal after goal….after goal.

Although SYOGOC’s team aggregate age was a multiplied number of AYGOC’s aggregate age, our players pulled through…for the most part of it.

By the second half, our players started to have muscle pulls and twisted knee caps. Players were running out… there were even not enough shoes to go around.

At this very moment, our CEO, Goh Kee Nguan, stepped in. He offered…his legs.

Yes, our CEO was subbed in with a fresh pair of legs in the later part of the second half. Bravo to those who like CEO, helped to play at the last minute.

The match ended with AYG leading, 4-2.

It was a relief for SYOGOC players because:
1. Many did not remember having to run so much in a long time
2. No one was fatally injured
3. They showed excellence, friendship and respect even in the face of difficulty

Good game people!


HI guys,

We are having our first volunteer get together next Wednesday. Check out our e-invite. Remember to RSVP with me at amanda_zhang@singapore2010.sg . Give me your full name, IC, school and preferred email.

Over last week, I went to cover the POSB Everyday Champion Awards 2009 launch.

It was 16 October, Thursday and I was at the Jurong West indoor pool. POSB and a swimming pool…hmmm. Clueless as to what this combination is about?

The POSB Everyday Champion Awards is a collaboration between POSB and the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) to recognize people who are actively contributing to sports everyday.

Cast your votes!

Cast your votes!

Paralympic national swimmer Theresa Goh and Water polo national team boys Ren Kai and Alvin were there to provide some athlete star appeal.

They swam a length of the Jurong West indoor pool (it’s really nice) and got out of the water (mermaid effect..nice) to vote for their POSB Everyday Champions.

By the way, Ren Kai is our SYOGOC staff. He’s the one on the right beside Theresa in the first picture. Sorry ladies, he’s taken. 😉

Who can you vote for?

Individuals, Coaches or Organizations

Where can you vote for them?

SSC main office, SSC Sports and Recreation Centres, All POSB branches

You can also go to their website.

Closing date is Sunday 16 November 2008.

Mark Richmond, yes, the man who brought you news of the Olympic Games to your homes, has become a member of the Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee (SYOGOC).

Mark joined us a few weeks ago and most of us were surprised to see his familiar face around the office.

Mark Richmond always ready for a chat

Mark Richmond always ready for a chat

Want to know more about what Mark’s role in the games will be? Catch his podcasts.

Question 1: What is your portfolio for the Youth Olympic Games? (1 min 38 sec, 1.50mb)

Question 2: How do you pronounce difficult names when you commentate? (1 min 11 sec, 1.09mb)

Question 3: Are you still involved in radio deejaying? (1 min 11 sec, 1.09mb)

Question 4: What do YOU think is special about YOG? (2 min 29 sec, 2.29mb)

Want to represent Singapore in the hotest sport on the scene?


YOG2010, here I come. (photo source: stta.org.sg)

The Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA) will be holding their selections at the Singapore Sports School on 17, 20 and 21 October.

But it’s not easy to qualify… you must have had good performance with at least a top 16 in any local individual table tennis championships organised by STTA or inter school table tennis championships from 2006 to 2008.

It’ll be not all smooth sailing for those who are selected. STTA already has a full training plan in store for aspiring Feng Tian Wei(s), Li Jiawei(s) and Wang Yue Gu(s). A 22 months training plan will include 12 sessions a week of intensive local and overseas training.

Talk about hard work. Whew.

Look out for more updates here after we go down to catch the trials.

Ever wondered what it is like to watch Olympic moments live?

The tickets for the Vancouver Winter Games are on sale now.

According to Olympic.org,

The first phase of ticket sales for the Canadian public runs from 3 October 2008 till 7 November 2008, while fans outside Canada should contact their local National Olympic Committee (NOC) or its official ticket agent for more details on ticket availability in their territory.

You can check out the official site to see how you can get your hands on those tickets.

Dates for the XXI Olympic Winter Games: 12 to 28 February 2010 (Vancouver)

Dates for the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games: 12 to 21 March 2010 (Whistler)

The 7 Winter Olympic sports are Luge, Skiing, Skating, Ice Hockey, Biathlon, Bobsleigh and Curling.

For those who live in Sunny Singapore, it’s a 3-in-1 package. Experience Winter, go for a holiday and witness sporting greatness. It might not be easy on your wallet though, so save up!

Ticket prices are charged according per day or per event.

Bought another issue of a girly magazine that shows you just the latest fashion? Drop that!

Here’s an online magazine that is one of a kind. Get your latest photos, videos and features on the Olympics and the Youth Olympic Games.

Read the Olympic Express to experience real time Olympic news now.

There’s a special on Singapore too, since we will be the first city to host YOG.

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