June 2009

A world at your fingertips. Photo by Dalbera, Flickr.

A world at your fingertips. Photo by Dalbera, Flickr.

The Youth Olympic Games is getting its own alternate reality, with a little help from technology and the Internet.

ST Electronics will helm the “Virtual World for Education and Youth Engagement” Project, creating a virtual world that allows the world’s youth to come together and learn more about sport, culture, and the Olympic values.

The virtual world would also serve as an online portal for international interaction through games and interactive features.

It all sounds very promising, but “Virtual World for Education and Youth Engagement” had better not remain its official name…


Before heading to Singapore for the Youth Olympic Games, all young athletes will have to stop by somewhere closer to home first, for a series of trials to be fully qualified.

That said, the European athletes will be making a visit to the Land of the Tsars, as it’s just been announced that Moscow will be the host of the first ever European Youth Olympic Trials.

St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow (By verygreen at Flickr)

St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow (By verygreen at Flickr)

The European trials will be held from the 21 to 23 May, 2010.

For everyone else,

the African trials will begin late April next year,
the North American and South American trials will commence in May,
trials for Asian athletes will be held in Singapore, also in May,
and trials for Oceania will be held in March, in either of two cities in Australia, Brisbane or Sydney.

Source: Around The Rings

We’ve less than a month to go till the Asian Youth Games.

And with all the athletes training hard, Mr. Teo Chee Hean, President of the Singapore Olympic Council, has a piece of adivce to share.

At yesterday’s Asian Youth Games Flag Presentation Ceremony, he stressed that there was no pressure on the athletes to be winning medals at the games.

Instead, he wished that “everyone does their best” and stated what was important for the athletes was to have the right attitude.

We couldn’t agree more.

After all, it’s the journey that counts, not the destination.
(Besides, you’d have to be pretty good already, to be competing at the AYG)

The annual showcase of works by the Lasalle College of the Arts final-year students is here!

The Show consists of work of over 800 students who will graduate this year and armed with Diplomas, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degrees or Master of Arts awards.

We were overwhelmed by the amount of creativity when we visited the Show yesterday. Some may have the misconception that Art is something abstract and difficult to comprehend. Creative works are no longer mere self-expression, the students have taken it to another level – to create something useful and contribute to the society.

29 Communication DesignStudent’s own expression of 26 sports pictogram

01 Animation ArtA story about Miko, who thinks that rain is a sign of bad luck.

02 Animation ArtSpider baby, the main character of a short film – Damsels

11 Interactive ArtautoExposure- The tail wags while handshaking, the amount of motion represents the quality of communication between the two people

13 Interactive ArtOH… this is how the shape sounds like!

16Fashion Design and Communication

23 Interior DesignSofas and tables made of cardboard!

The Lasalle Show ’09 ends this Sunday 7 June, head down now!
Open to Public: 23 May – 7 June, 11am – 8pm daily
1 Mc Nally Street, Singapore 187940 (near Sim Lim Square)

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