February 2009

Our first Official Exhibition Venue Partner joined the SYOGOC family today.

Changi Exhibition Center (CEC) will be the logistics hub for Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games between April 2010 and March 2011.

It will house all furniture, fixture and equipment required for the Games, including sports competition equipment, audio-visual equipment, Information Technology (IT) and telecommunications systems and accessories, cables and systems as well as kitchen, medical and office equipment and supplies and so on. So many things. Now try to say that whole list from memory and in a single breath.

Traveling there from our office took about 45 minutes. I kind of dozed.

When I opened my eyes, we were greeted with a huge empty area surrounded by beautiful scenery. No, I was sure i was not in heaven.

Because, there it was, all 40,000 sqm fully air-conditioned indoor exhibition halls and another additional 100,000 sqm of open outdoor area. (No I didn’t measure it. It was on the brochure.)

Anyway, wow. This place was seriously amazing. Never did I see so much open space before. Well, it does make sense cos this place did play host to world’s premier events like Singapore Airshow 2008, Formula Drift Singapore, BMW 1 Series Driving Experience etc.

Check out the photos:

Shots of the day

Shots of the day

Reported live from NTU

By YOG correspondent Vivien Wee:

ADM student presents his creation

ADM student presents his creation

Imagine crafting the sequence of events for the Opening Ceremony of the Singapore Youth Olympic Games (SYOG).

That is what the students from NTU’s School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) have to face in their Special Topics course, where the special topic this year is SYOG 2010.

The best part? Students don’t just sit in class and talk about SYOG, they actually talk to the Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee (SYOGOC) to make their ideas happen, in reality, at the Games in 2010.

Students from the Olympics Character Design Class presented a mass variety of cute – grotesque – edgy – fanciful mascot ideas. (check out the photos!)

Work of Art.....design and media

Work of Art.....design and media

Two teams from the Trick Film Lab Class screened short video trailers boasting their work with special effects – one video saw the use of depth perception tricks (ala LOTR hobbit style) so the people were the size of a basketball!

Finally, student groups under the Design Experiences class proposed their ideas of what would happen at the SYOG Opening Ceremony.

Architecture models were built, fantastic animated walk-through videos of the Youth Olympic Village grounds were shown and feedback given.

From the CAN team:

Following the success of the recent CAN! (Create. Action. Now!) event that reportedly saw some 10,000 youths creating action for the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) on the grounds of SMU on 10 January, the CAN! Team is looking forward to bringing youths more exciting events that will hype up the spirit of celebration for the upcoming YOG.

To help us fine-tune the programming aspects of our event, we seek your help in completing a short survey for us. Survey respondents will be kept anonymous, while the results will be used as a major source of feedback for the recent CAN! event, as well as other upcoming activities to celebrate the YOG.


Once again, thank you all for joining us at CAN!. We hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did putting the event together for you. CAN! promises to bring you more updates on youth happenings for Singapore 2010!

They support Singapore 2010. They performed at our Logo Launch CAN Party last month.

Check these up and coming talented music groups who will take over our country in years to come: MILUBING, Giants must Fall and Plain Sunset!

Innova Junior College, together with the Media Development Authority (MDA) and the Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee (SYOGOC) will like to invite all secondary schools to take part in sCene 3 2009. This year’s sCene3 supports the Media Fiesta as well as Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games.

In the first component of the event- New Media Academy, secondary school students will be able to select from a range of training packages, catering to the following disciplines of New Media Arts:

Digital Filmmaking

Digital Broadcasting and Music design

Website & Graphics Design, Animation

Digital Photography

The second component – National New Media Challenge, is a chance to showcase your creativity through creating media-rich websites.

This is a great opportunity to gain skills that will stand you in good stead in an evolving new media environment, and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to participate and contribute to the first Youth Olympic Games.

Are you ready for the challenge? Check out www.scene3.nma.sg to register now!

The first Youth Olympic Games is not even here yet and guess what, people have been dying to bid for the 2nd Games already!

HOT off IOC press:

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today announced that six National Olympic Committees (NOCs) have submitted applications to host the 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2014. They are, in alphabetical order: China, Indonesia, Mexico, Morocco, Poland and Turkey.

A number of NOCs requested additional time to designate the city they wish to put forward as Candidate City.

The IOC has extended the deadline for these NOCs to submit the name of their cities to 1 April 2009. As of today, Jakarta 2014 (Indonesia), Nanjing 2014 (China) and Poznan 2014 (Poland) have already been confirmed.

For one, the names sound exciting and unique! Poznan…wow… reminds me of the James Bond ad where the guy says, “Mr Poznan?” If anyone knows what I’m talking about…yay!

If not, here’s a link for you to find out more about the bid.

Oh I found the video. Enjoy Mr Poznan/Bosnan!