September 2008

F1, Singapore’s most exciting road event ever, has flashed by in just a few short days.

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Want a recap? Catch this short video to see the blur of action as the cars fly past at more than 200km/hr. Taken from the sixth floor of Marina Mandarin, it’s 8 seconds of fiery tire action.

Want to also know what it was like to be more than just a spectator?

One of SYOGOC’s staff, Radha, volunteered to be a road marshal. He had to go through some training before being allowed to play his part.

Hear about his experience as a road marshal and the perks he had.

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Five more items found to contain the potentially harmful chemical melamine were added to The Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) yesterday.

They are…

  1. Dutch Lady Banana Flavoured Milk
  2. Dutch Lady Honeydew Flavoured Milk
  3. Silang House of Steamed Potato Cracker
  4. Xu Fu Ji Puffed Rice Rolls – Butter Corn Flavour
  5. Xu Fu Ji Puffed Rice Rolls – Cheese Flavour

The new list of affected products joins the 3 previously recalled products (Yi Li yoghurt bars, Dutch Lady strawberry-flavoured milk and White Rabbit creamy candies), bringing the total number to 8.

China’s melamine-laced infant formula has sickened more than 54,000 children, killed 4 in China and 5 diagnosed with kidney stones in Hong Kong.

This is not a joke. It’s a nightmare.

Please take a few more seconds by flipping the product over to check its origin and ingredients. The last thing you would ever want is to gamble with your life.

As we mentioned in our earlier blog post, me and Marcus managed to catch Yip Pin Xiu, Theresa Goh and Laurentia Tan and even the supporters at the airport last Thursday, 18 September. Watch these clips to hear what they have to say, fresh off the plane from Beijing.

Yip Pin Xiu was still cheery despite the long trip and frenzy at the airport.

Laurentia’s mum helps Laurentia share her joy of winning a medal for Singapore.

Theresa Goh loved Beijing.

Pin Xiu’s classmates and good friends were there to show her their support.

Love the White Rabbit creamy candy treat or Dutch Lady strawberry-flavoured milk? You might want to get rid of these products if you still have them at home, unless you want to put your health at risk.

Those who read or heard the news about the China milk scandal last week would have already been wise enough to abstain from any Chinese dairy products. So far, more than 50,000 babies were taken to the hospital and at least 3 deaths in China. Two have been diagnosed with kidney stones in Hong Kong.

The Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) recalled three brands of dairy products to test for melamine contamination.

  1. Yi Li Choice Dairy Fruit Bar Yoghurt-Flavoured Ice Confection
  2. Dutch Lady strawberry-flavoured milk (in plastic bottles)
  3. White Rabbit creamy candies

Even though results have shown that the tested products contained very low amounts of the harmful chemical, AVA officials disposed almost 1,800 litres melamine-laced Yi Li frozen yoghurt bars into the incinerator yesterday.

What about the strawberry milk and creamy candy? A date has not been fixed yet to destroy the contaminated foods.

Consumers are also advised to be more alert and check food labels from now on whenever they visit the supermarket, especially when getting dairy products.

Eat safe! Prevention is always better than cure.

Feeling irritated by the humidity and the unbearable weather these days? Get involved in the WaterFest Singapore this year!

Running consecutively for the 4th year, the 6-week (30 Aug – 12 Oct) water festival is packed with favourite water and land-based activites for both young and old, such as swimming, sailing, volleyball, Frisbee and wakeboarding. Participants can also attend a series of sporting clincs and try out different sports. No one will be left out as there will be something fun and exciting for everyone!

Here are some current ongoing events…

Family & Children

  • Rafting & Kayaking Try-outs
    30 Aug – 12 Oct (Every Saturday & Sunday)
  • HSBC Junior Riders
    Daily (Ongoing)
  • Family Kayaking/Jet-Ski Fun Ride/Banana boat Fun Ride & Fun Cruise
    20-21 Sep
  • Playboating Performance
    6 Sep – 11 Oct (Every Saturday)
  • Treasure Hunt
    7 Sep – 12 Oct (Every Sunday)

Lifestyle & Fashion

  • Discover Scuba
    30 Aug – 5 Aug
  • Wakeboarding Try-outs
    30 Aug – 12 Oct
  • Learn To Play Aqua Aerobics Course Free Trial
    30 Aug – 12 Oct
  • Singapore – Coral Traingle Reef Expedition
    30 Aug – 12 Oct

Check out the WaterFest Singapore ’08 official website for more details.

Sound exciting don’t they?

Images from WaterFest Singapore Gallery

The water feels great, jump in today!

Those who went for an afternoon movie at Cineleisure on Saturday, 20 Sept would have probably seen a huge crowd outside.

If you did not know what the commotion was, it was our Team Singapore Paralympians celebrating their victory at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games with the public.

Guest of Honour, Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan (Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports) and Mr. Teo Ser Luck, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, were two of the few distinguished guests to grace the celebration.

Have you ever seen 6 Aston Martin sport cars behind one another on the busy road of Orchard before? The paralympians ARRIVED IN STYLE after a city tour in those Aston Martins.

They looked super cool while getting off the sport cars!

There were loud cheers by the young and energetic Team Singapore ambassadors, music performances and a whole lot of media there to cover this momentous occasion.

What’s there not to celebrate when the paralympians bagged 2 bronze, 1 silver and 1 gold medal?

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She’s a rising star in the local sports scene, so don’t miss this exclusive interview with Tao Li.

Listen to Tao Li’s podcast

(3.41mb, 3 min 44 sec)

For those who do not understand Chinese, read the rest of the post to view the English transcript of the interview.


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