As I watch the landscape rush by, the browns, the soft greens, the blues and greys. I think to myself that it is good to be back in Europe again.

There is a hush in Denmark that we never experience in Singapore. Even in the tropical forests and the mangrove swamps, there is constant movement, ceaseless sound. Here, there is a silence, a stillness trembling at the edge of what must surely be magic- the magic that has given birth to the land of fairy tales- the land of Hans Christian Andersen.

In the tropical warmth and rains of Singapore, in the noisome and vivacious sunlight, I have grown up reading the fairy tales of the cold mountains and the frosts of the Northern lands of Europe where the shadows are stepped with secrets and their princesses are beautiful, tallĀ and pale.

It was with such anticipation, that I stepped off the plane and into the morning hours of Denmark and was whisked away to the Bella Center where CEO and the other directors were already working away.

As I made my way to the Bella Center, listening to the London 2012 representatives chatting away in the shared vehicle, my eyes found it unfamiliar to see so much sky. Looking up into the endless blue, the ground was stolen from me and I stumbled, feeling as if I were falling backwards into the sky.

The wind blew, and between the biting cold and the exhilaration, I found my words stolen away from me.