May 2009

The Singapore Street Festival kicked off this past weekend at Vivocity, and there will be plenty to see and do till June 14th.

There is a wide variety of activities and events lined up, showcasing many local young talents.

Activities organised include street and break-dancing,


Japanese-Rock and Cosplay,


local band performances,


and remember that bizarre fixation everyone had with the Yo-yo back in the nineties? 


Well, it’s back! For the street Fest at least.

So, head to the Street Festival Website to find out more about what’s in store in the coming weeks.

Note: All photographs extracted from the Singapore Street Festival Flickr Gallery.


The Singapore  Street Festival will be featuring talents from all over the world.

But before the celebrations could begin, some not-so-young men stole the show.

They rapped.

Yes, rapping has been a new thing among the ministers and CEOs.

And you know what, rapping is subjective.  Even tho these men didn’t do a slick Eminem-level rap performance, they managed to hold a few lines according to the beat of a song.

Watch Vivian Balakrishnan,  Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, Teo Ser Luck, Senior Parliamentary Secretary (MCYS and MOT) and Goh Kee Nguan, CEO of the Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee do their thang.

26 little athletes have made their debut. Lego people? Nope.

The Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Sport Pictograms were unveiled today!


Singapore 2010 Pictograms

As you know, for every Olympic games, the pictograms are unique and identifiable.They will be used to guide spectators at venues, used on handbooks or put up on the website. These pictograms are also especially useful if you can’t spell gymnashtick gymnasticks gymnestics. You get the idea.

Notice that the figure in the Singapore 2010 pictograms look strangely familiar.

Is it the Ghost Rider? Nah, the fiery head actually belongs to the figure found in the Singapore 2010 logo.

Full Colour_TM


See the similarities?

Here to share the moment with us was the International Olympic Committee members. They had a whole long day of meetings but were still excited to see the birth of a new set of pictograms.

They were pleased with the new pictograms

They were pleased with the new pictograms

But wait! There is going to be another set of Culture and Education Programme pictograms that will be launched at a later date. These pictograms will be used at CEP venues and activities during the Games.

What is this Ride of Silence? It’s rather poetic isn’t it? 

Well, it is a ride in honor of those who have been injured or killed while cycling on public roadways. It started in May 2003 at White Rock Lake in Dallas and drew 1,000 cyclists through word of mouth and email communication over a period of only ten days.

Ride of silence in 2006, Photo by:

Ride of silence in Seattle, by Carfreeday

But it’s also a call to safety and cyclists will have to don on a helmet and travel at a silent slow-pace of max. 12 mph/20 kph.

Join cyclists worldwide by doing the ride of silence right here in Singapore. It starts at Merlion Park today at 7.00pm and will be a 19km ride from Merlion Park, City Hall, China Town, Holland Village, Orchard to Dhoby Gaut. 

Remember to dress in WHITE, wear a HELMET and bring your BIKE.

The ride of silence

Tonight we number many but ride as one

In honor of those not with us, friends, mothers, fathers, sisters, sons

With helmets on tight and heads down low,

We ride in silence, cautious and slow

The wheels start spinning in the lead pack

But tonight we ride and no one attacks

The dark sunglasses cover our tears

Remembering those we held so dear

Tonight’s ride is to make others aware

The road is there for all to share

To those not with us or by our side,

May God be your partner on your final ride

– Mugai

Yasmin Ahmad is the mastermind behind these wonderful TV commercials.

Want more? She’ll be directing a new film on 17-year-old Thaddeus Cheong who collapsed at the finish line during a selection race for the South-east Asian Games triathlon event in June 2009. He passed away soon after.

The film will be based on the book Go! Thaddeus! written by Thaddeus’ aunt, Belinda Wee. The book about the young hero was what got Thomas Chia, director of independent movie distributor Lighthouse Pictures, up on his feet to get the project going.

It will be released in August 2010 in Singapore and Malaysia and will be a lead up to the Youth Olympic Games. Watch out for it!

When Singapore paddlers Wang Yue Gu, Feng Tian Wei and Li Jia Wei were fighting for Singapore’s first Olympic medal in 48 years, it was one of the few times we could get off work and go to some place  with a large-screen television to watch their matches.

Table tennis ladies who did Singapore proud at the Beijing 2008 Games

It was an exciting period. A time when us Singaporeans could gather together and cheer like the good old, Fandi Ahmad days of soccer.

Will the next Olympic Games in London be as exciting, nail-biting and intense for Singaporeans?

A new program by the Ministry of Community, Youth and Sport (MCYS) called the Olympic Pathway Programme (OPP) will look into keeping Singapore’s  Olympic hopes alive.

Six athletes have been selected to be part of this programme already: paddlers  Feng Tian Wei, Wang Yue Gu, Sun Bei Bei, Yu Meng Yu, Tao Li (swimmer) and Jasmine Ser (shooter).

The funding for OPP is yet to be confirmed but its an great start to the preparation for the next Olympic Games.

By the way, this is just the first batch of athletes to be selected for the programme. There are other athletes who are working hard to fulfill the criteria to be part of the OPP. Let’s hope there’ll be more Olympic moments for us yet again!

They are not on sale, unfortunately.

To be eligible for it, you’ll need to be a youth, and have athletic abilities. It’s also limited edition…there are just 450++ pieces of it in the world!

What am I talking about? It’s the specially designed Asian Youth Games (AYG) Medals! They will be given out to the winners of the competition held from June 29 to 7 July.

The medal has AYG’s logo as its centerpiece and Olympic values of “Excellence, Friendship and Respect” are imprinted on the border of the medal. On the other side of the medal the combination of the AYG mascot, Frasia, and the symbol of an orchid represents Singapore as the host nation.

A total of about 1,300 athletes and officials from 45 countries will compete in 90 events across nine sports. 96 athletes will be from Singapore.

Don’t forget to catch the games online. More details coming soon!

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