March 2009

For every Olympic Games, the torch is always a highlight. (pun intended)

Since there’s a first for everything when it comes to the Youth Olympic Games in 2010, the YOG torch will not be doing the same relay routine. It will be traveling to 1 city from each of the  5 continents before touching down in host city,  Singapore.

The Celebration Culminates here

The Celebration Culminates here

Once the torch reaches the shores of our tropical island, a relay will commence which will end at the Marina Bay Floating Platform. The Games’ cauldron will be lit and tada!… … … (you get the idea)

Read this:

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board (EB), at its meeting in Denver on Thursday night, approved a proposal by the Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee (SYOGOC) for the YOG flame to be lit in Greece and travel to one city each in Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania before arriving in Singapore.

Although youths will feature prominently in the torch’s journey to Singapore, adults, including former and active athletes, will also take part in the festivities.

At each city, the YOG flame will be welcomed in a celebration which will not only involve the host city, but also National Olympic Committees (NOCs) from the same continent.


Meet xxx. Actually he still hasn’t got a name yet.

Who am I talking about? I was referring to the Asian Youth Games’ mascot! And what other animal to represent our lion city? No prizes for guessing that.

If you want to have a stake in his name, check this out.

Symbolising values of friendship, excellence and respect, the mascot for the June 29 to July 7 Games is still unnamed.

A name-the-mascot contest is being run jointly by The Straits Times and the AYG organising committee (Saygoc). The first contest coupon will appear in Friday’s edition of The Straits Times’ sports section.

Names should be original and not more than five words.

The contest begins on Friday and closes on March 27. Winners will be announced on April 15.

The launch of the mascot at Velocity on 19 March was a whole lot of fun. From hot babes, to graceful dancers, there was glitz and glamour no less. But when xxx appeared, he upped the cute factor!

Check out the photos.

He found new friends

He found new friends

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It’s rare that I get to say the word million. But yesterday, we said it all day long.

That’s because we launched the Million Deeds Challenge yesterday! We were at the Jurong Regional Library Section at the Verging all Teens section (although some of us were not verging teens) and we had a happening time. (did I just use that word?!)

We created some noise in the library

We created some noise in the library

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The ceremony was attended by our GOH, Ms Grace Fu, Senior Minister of State for National Development and Education and MP for Jurong GRC. What a tongue twister. As an emcee, I stumbled over it once. I’m so sorry! (eeks!)

The crowd had fun when students from Holy Innocents’ High School shared about how they practiced the Olympic Values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect  with simple deeds.

The Million Deeds Challenge is really about doing everyday things with a great spirit. Every deed you post on the website brings the virtual Youth Olympic Flame, deed by deed, from Greece to Singapore. You can be a Jetsetter! (a virtual one)

You can also go to to get a walkthrough of the Million Deeds  site.

Was it quiet in the library when we were there? Of course not.

There was hip hop group Will’s invasion, who wowed us with their rapping chops. Seriously, these guys are original and they sound like they can cut albums anytime soon.

TW rappers were also there to show some girl power. These girl rappers won the “I love my library” competition last year organized by NLB. Some lines I remember from their self composed rap? “Cos’ we taking over, one step at a time. Cos’ we’re taking over, one rule at a time.”

You can catch their videos at a later time this week.

This morning, the YOG Learning Centre was packed with more than 230 secondary school students from all over Singapore. The YOG Learning Centre is one of the stops for today’s learning journey.

Students came armed with digital SLRs, video cameras, point and shoot cameras. They were eager to record their experience at the YOG Learning Centre, and also to take some great shoots for their new media projects. For a moment they looked like young photographers and journalists, snapping away at every opportunity they had.

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Innova JC New Media Academy Camp- Visit to Learning Centre

Innova JC New Media Academy Camp- Visit to Learning Centre

A few of us attended the opening ceremony of Fusion 2009 – Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Interactive and Digital Media Graduation Show yesterday.

The theme for this year was ‘Superheroes’. The ceremony kicked off with a ‘Supeheroes’ 3D animation and a video documentation which were two of the best works created by the batch of  students.

Although there were no actual Superheroes in the Auditorium last night , every graduate was armed with ‘super passion and skills’. They were all ready to set new heights in the Interactive Digital Media (IDM) industries.

We were wowed by their creative works. You can catch the graduation show at:

Nanyang Polytechnic Auditorium
Fri- Sat 6-7 March 2009
10am – 8pm

Do you know you can click your way to the  Asian Youth Games (AYG) this year?

Your gateway to AYG

Your gateway to AYG

The Games will be held from 29 June-7 July and people from all over the globe can catch the action live at the Games’ official website.

This first-of-its-kind new media broadcasting nightmare/dream will offer four simultaneous live feeds, video on demand, news, interviews, reviews and information on the participating nations and athletes.

To help them, Singapore Sports Council (SSC) appointed World Sport Group and its partners Perform Group and Content Craft as the official website developer and web broadcaster.

90 events across the nine sports – aquatics, athletics, basketball, beach volleyball, bowling, football, sailing, shooting and table tennis -will feature 45 participating countries.

If you miss your daily dose of streaming, you can also catch a daily, half-hour highlights programme on television.

Those who will be glued to that half-hour slot on TV are 10 countries which do not have the necessary broadband capabilities. This includes North Korea, Bhutan and Mongolia.