January 2009

Jack and Rai. Double duo. Local Batman and Robin. They have been making the airwaves and building a base of loyal fans.

We catch them after they perform at the CAN Party.They also tell us what sport and getup they’d prefer…if they were forced to play sports 😉

Introducing a young talent in the DJ scene.

DJ Inquisitive! So imagine my excitment when I got to interview him. Haha. I was gushing through the interview. You know gushing like a river.

I have been listening to him on myspace and he has gained a serious following.

We dig some weird stuff and random information from him.

ACHTUNG! = Attention! (German)

This funny pair form the VJ duo team ACHTUNG ACHTUNG!

They were visual jockeys at the CAN party and created some awesome video effects to accompany the pumping music.

Find out what sport they would like to take part in if they were in the Olympics.

She is an up and coming DJ.

She is Freya. Never heard of her, well it’s time you have.

We caught her on camera at the CAN Party.

You heard it first from us.

According to disney, there’s always an IGOR behind every machine.

Behind the YOG logo chain reaction mechanism lies the evil genius of NTU students from a mix of faculties. So in this case IGORs were behind this.




Hey guys,

Introducing the Singapore 2010 Logo!

Read more about what the designer was thinking when he designed it:

Spirit of Youth – the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Logo – celebrates Singapore 2010 in an adventurous, open and fun way. It evokes the Singaporean sense of confidence and progress.

The three distinct elements of the logo are…

1. The Flame of Passion: The intense red flame represents the passion to learn and the power
of positive thinking. Red is also the national colour of Singapore.

2. The Star of Champions: The rich purple star symbolises excellence and the pride of representing one’s nation.

3. The Crescent of Tomorrow: The crescent reflects dynamic youth, full of promise. It has the lush
green and calm blue colours of a tropical island city.

4. The Singapore 2010 Wordmark: Its active appearance comprises individual and unique characters
that signify harmony among the diverse participants.

Spirit of Youth inspires all of us to express the Olympic spirit and celebrate the first-ever Youth Olympic Games.

But of course in the spirit of fun, you can always provide your own interpretation of the logo. Like Mr Brown.

If any of you have your own interpretation of the logo, do leave a comment and share with us your quirky perspective.

Sab and Cheese

Sab (Left) and Cheese (Right)

Cheese said,

Sat morn, I dragged my butt out of bed, put on my oversized polo-tee (mind you, it was size S), jeans and snazzy sneakers, and made my way to SMU.

I thought I was going to be lost but I spotted the ginormous white tents.

Then rehearsals started and I had to role-play as Minister Vivian Balakrishnan…”I love ya’ll!” I said, silently.

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