April 2009

At the upcoming Asian Youth Games (AYG) from June 29 to July 7, organizers are taking no chances with recent threat of swine flu.

There are plans to have temperature testing at all AYG venues and athletes may be required to declare their travel history for the six months prior to the Games. This was under talks when organizers met with officials from the Ministry of Health on Monday.

Other international sports tournaments are also taking the necessary precautions. 

World Table Tennis Championships, Yokohoma [ongoing]

Status: Two players from infected regions tested negative

Women’s Junior World Championship, Tijuana and Mexicali (Mexico) [to be held July 16-25]

Status: Federation Internationale de Volleyball ready to postpone, switch venues or even cancel

Soccer tournaments in Mexico

Status: Cancellation of youth football tournament, clubs to play behind closed doors

One thing’s for sure, when a pandemic happens, even sport takes a blow.

Yes, Singapore 2010 is not so far away. It can be measured in days, minutes, seconds, milliseconds.

But we prefer days.
So check this out.

Get your own piece of the countdown widget at WhyOhGee.sg

Everything’s been set. From your flight to accomodation. Nothing out of the blue.

Then, at the last minute, you’ve been bumped from a modest hostel to a prestigious hotel in the heart of the city.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

But that is exactly what happened to the accomodation for some 1,100 athletes and officials coming to Singapore for the Asian Youth Games in late June.

From a Downtown East Resort in Pasir Ris, they have been bumped to the luxurious Swissotel The Stamford at Raffles City.


What a fine stay... photo by jo3f@Flickr

What a fine stay... photo by jo3f@Flickr

In the toughest and the dullest of times, the Olympic spirit still manages to thrive.

In New York City, USA, Mr. Nick Goddard had just received the boot.

But, he took it all in his stride, kept a smile on his face, and decided the world, or at least New York, was ready for …

The Unemployment Olympic Games!

photo credit: A Cup of Jo

It was a fantastic idea that brought the “down and out” living in the city together for some fun, and helped bring some humour and lightness to a gloomy predicament.

Meanwhile, halfway across the world in Singapore, the people at the Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee, stressed out at work, decided to hold our very own Office Olympic Games!

Teams were formed from the different work divisions and competed against each other in various workplace sports, such as

  • The Office-chair Race 
  • Wastepaper-basket Hurdles
  • Office-chair Synchronised “Swimming” Routines

*Video footage of the Office Olympic Games will be up shortly.


Hop on bus 16, 70 and 100 today and get a free bus ride!

Panasonic, a TOP sponsor for the Olympic Games, is celebrating EARTH DAY!

Photo by wondercliparts.com

But keep a lookout for the logo on the bus. It has to have a Panasonic logo on it. 

Why would Panasonic do this? Because we save the environment by taking the bus and not driving or cabbing. It saves fuel as well as reduces air pollution, noise pollution and the like. 

If you feel like it, take the bus for one whole day. You can go to Marine Parade, Orchard, Vivo City, Dhoby Ghaut, Serangoon… just by boarding all three of those bus services.

Read the rest of the post to catch the bus routes for the three services…(courtesy of http://www.sbstransit.com.sg)


Oh the smell of cheese, sweat and burning skin.

That was what lingered in the air (with a good melting point of 35.1 degree Celcius) last Saturday at *SCAPE. It was the launch of CAN! Discover, Culture and Heritage edition. There were booths set up by embassies of different countries, Switzerland, Mongolia, America, Belgium, Korea, Brazil, Finland and India.

There were people, food, music, art and craft and games from 8 countries in that single space. Now you know why the air smelt different.

For us, the highlight of the day was also the launch of our youth website, WhyOhGee. The Youth Guru (in-house resident guru of WhyOhGee) gave a task for the W.A.D’s Next race which was to make a rubber band rope and to play a round of Zero-Point.

Never heard of Zero-Point?

It’s a traditional game which we played in Primary School. It’s cheap and easy, but somehow manages to captivate everyone’s attention, whether you’re young or old.

How to be a Zero-Pointer:

1. Make a rope with rubber bands

2. Jump over it as the height increases

It’s that simple!

At our booth, we also had members of the public try the game. And wow, did they go nuts.

Photos by How Ya Ting

Photos by How Ya Ting

Ever wanted to see what goes on in a production line?

Well, the interns at the Culture and Education Department got a taste of what it was like, having to pack envelope after envelope of pamphlets and booklets for the World Cultural Village Brief which was held at Republic Poly last Thursday, 9 April.

Factory Line

Factory Line

Wondering where all this hard work goes to?

See what it was like when  Siglap Secondary, St. Joseph Convent and Bukit Panjang High showed us what they learnt about their twinned country.

Singapore meets other countries

Singapore meets other countries

Blobby makes an appearance along Orchard Road

Blobby makes an appearance along Orchard Road

View full flickr set here. (51 photos)

Have you met Blobby?

He is SYOGOC’s newest face for the CAN! Festivals. He made his first appearance along Orchard Road on Sat and Sun and he either scared the guts out of the unsuspecting shoppers or became their new best friends.

CAN! Discover, the first of the quarterly CAN! Festivals, will be starting on 18 April at SCAPE and you’ll be seeing much more of Blobby then!

Click here to find out more about CAN!

Find out more about CAN! Discover

Find out more about CAN! Discover

Judging by deed count, the world is becoming a nicer place to live in.

Numbers of good deeds posted on the Million Deeds Challenge web portal are increasing steadily since its launch, and so are the number of visitors.

Over the past week,

there have been 4164 total deeds posted (that’s almost 3 times the previous week!),

10,301 visits to the page,

and visitors from 69 countries the world over!

The Million Deeds Challenge aims to educate youths on the three Olympic Values of Excellence, Respect, and Friendship, and celebrate the spirit of Olympism,

Like how these girls have learnt in school here.

So, please don’t spam and post silly “deeds” like, “I help my mother beat up my sister” or “I kill my friend”. They’re actually pretty horrible to read.

The Million Deeds challenge is not a chat room either, by the way.

Right now, the virtual Olympic Torch has been through Romania, and is about to cross over to Hungary. There’s still a long way before the torch leaves Europe, so keep those good deeds coming in!

Even schools are getting their students to take part, like this one.

If you spot your face in the video, leave a comment!

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